Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hindi Song | Bluffmaster (2005)


BluffmasterBluffmaster stars Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Nana Patekar and Ritesh Deshmukh, and it is directed by Rohan Sippy. The music directors are Vishal and Shekhar who have done a really great job. I've always enjoyed listening to them (except a few, of course). Most of the songs in this album seem to be remixes of old songs, or at least that's how I feel. There is even a song (Do Aur Do Paunch) by Kishore Kumar. Btw, does anyone know what language is the song 'Bure Bure/Boro Boro' in? Some of it is Hindi, but majority is not. And somehow this song is one of my favourite from this album.

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  1. Sabse Bada Ruppaiyy
  2. Say Na Say Na
  3. Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui Taqdeer
  4. Right Here Righ Now
  5. 9 Parts of Desire
  6. The Gateway Theme
  7. Bure Bure/Boro Boro
  8. Do Aur Do Paanch
  9. Indi
  10. Neelaa
  11. Parde Ke Peeche
  12. Come Fishing (Bluffmaster Theme)
  13. Right Here Right Now (Hip-Hop Mix)

Hindi Song | Rang De Basanti (2005)


Here is another one starring Aamir Khan, Rang De Basanti. I don't think I need to say much about what kind of film it is. It was showered with awards and nominations last year. Aamir's co-stars in Range De Basanti are Soha Ali Khan, Waheeda Rehman, Kiran Kher, Om Puri, Anupam Kher, Atul Kulkarni, Kunal Kapoor, Sharman Joshi, and Madhavan.

Music of RDB is directed by the incredible A.R. Rehman who has won our hearts so many times with his wonderful talent. That's exactly what he did with this album. This one has been requested countless times and here it is (finally). Enjoy!!

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  1. Ik Onkar / Harshdeep
  2. Rang De Basanti / Daler Mehendi , Chitra
  3. Paatshala / Mohd. Aslam, Naresh Iyer
  4. Tu Bin Bataye / Madhushree, Naresh Iyer
  5. Khalbali / A. R. Rehman, Aslam Mustafa, Nacim
  6. Khoon Chala / Mohit Chauhan
  7. Paathshala-Be A Rebel / Blaaze, Aslam Mustafa, Naresh Iyer
  8. Luka Chuppi / A. R. Rehman, Lata Mangeshkar
  9. Lalkaar / Aamir Khan
  10. Roobaroo / A. R. Rehman, Naresh Iyer

Hindi Song | Salaam Namaste (2005)


Salaam Namaste is one of my favourite Hindi movies. Saif Ali Khan has done a superb job, so has the cute Preity Zinta. It's directed by Siddhart Anand, and the music is by Vishal & Shekhar. I love the songs of this movie and I am sure you like them too.

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  1. Salaam Namaste / Vasundhara Das, Kunal Ganjawala
  2. My Dil Goes Mmmm / Shaan, Gayatri Iyer
  3. What Goin' On / Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawala
  4. Tu Jahaan / Sonu Nigam, Mahalaxmi Iyer
  5. My Dil Goes Mmmm (English Club Mix) / Shaan, Caralisa Monteiro
  6. Salaam Namaste (Dhol Mix) / Vasundhara Das, Kunal Ganjawala
  7. My Dil Goes Mmmm (Instrumental) / DJ Aqeel

Hindi Song | Lakshya (2004)


Lakshya that I had to get this up. So here it is. It's a film by Farhan Akhtar of Dil Chahta Hai and Don fame, starring Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Sharad Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, and Amrish Puri in major roles. I'm a great admirer of this talented director. I've seen Lakshya but don't remember much, but I'm sure it's a great film.

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  1. Main Aisa Kyon Hoon / Shaan
  2. Agar Main Kahoon [Video] / Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan
  3. Kitni Baatein / Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam
  4. Lakshya / Shankar Mahadevan
  5. Kandhon Se Milte Hain Kandhe
  6. Seperation (Instrumental)
  7. Kitni Baatein (Reprise) / Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam
  8. Victory (Instrumental)

Hindi Song | Main Hoon Na (2004)


Main Hoon Na is directorial debut for Farah Khan, who was previously a choreographer. The star cast includes Shahrukh Khan, Zayed Khan, Sushmita Sen, Amrita Rao and Sunil Shetty. Music is by Ranjit Barot and Anu Malik. I think the songs are great, but because I've been exposed to them a lot of times, I have no desire to listen to them again. But I hope you guys enjoy them.

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  1. Main Hoon Na / Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
  2. Tumse Mil Ke Dil Ka Jo Haal / Sabri Brothers, Sonu Nigam
  3. Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha / Abhijeet, Shreya Ghoshal
  4. Gori Gori / Anu Malik, Sunidhi Chauhan, K.K, Shreya Ghoshal
  5. Chale Jaise Hawayein / Vasundhara Das, K.K
  6. Main Hoon Na (Sad) / Abhijeet
  7. Yeh Fizayein / Alka Yagnik, K.K.
  8. Main Hoon Na (Remix)

Hindi Song | Murder (2007)


So many of you have requested for Murder, so here it is. It's a film by Anuraag Basu and stars Mallika Sherawat, Emraan Hashmi and Ashmit Patel in lead roles. I haven't watched the film yet, but I have heard and read a lot about it. Most of the views have been positive, and mostly in Mallika's favor. She seems to have done a good job.

The wonderful songs of Murder are composed by Anu Malik. It's a really great album. I love Dil Ko Hazaar Baar and Bheegay Honth Tere the most. I'm sure you will love them.

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  1. Kaho Na Kaho / Amir Jamal
  2. Bheegay Honth Tere /Kunal Ganjawala
  3. Dil Ko Hazaar Baar /Anisha
  4. Zindagi Is Tara (Female) / Anuradha Paudwal
  5. Jana Jana Jana / Amir Jamal
  6. Zindagi Is Tarah (Male) / Sonu Nigam
  7. Kaho Na Kaho (Instrumental)
  8. Bheegay Honth Tere (Instrumental)

Hindi Song | Phir Milenge (2004)


Starring Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Shilpa Shetty, Phir Milenge is a movie directed by Revathy. Music given is by a whole bunch of music directors; Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Nikhil Vinay, and Bavatha Raja.

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  1. Jeene Ke Ishare / Shankar Mahadevan
  2. Betaab Hai Dil / Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
  3. Yaad Haid Woh Pehli Mulaqat / Abhijeet
  4. Khul Ke Muskarale / Bombay Jayshree
  5. Betaab Hai Dil (Sad) / Sonu Nigam
  6. Khushiyon Ki Koshish / Srinivas, Mahalaxmi Iyer
  7. Kuch Pal / Yesudas
  8. Phir Millenge / Yesudas, Febi

Hindi Song | Shabd (2004)


This is one movie starring Sanjay Dutt that I didnt like much. The story was quite lame, specially for Sanjay's role, besides I think Sanjay Dutt could have acted a lot better than this. Aishwarya and Zayed Khan have done what they usually do, nothing extra ordinary. However, Shabd's music is nothing like the movie itself. The songs are pretty good. They are composed by Vishal & Shekhar. There are songs for the both ends of the emotional spectrum: sad and happy. Well, enough said. Just download and check 'em out for yourself.

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Hindi Song | Socha Na Tha (2004)


Socha Na ThaSocha Na Tha is directed by Imtiaz Ali, and stars Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia in the leading role.

The music, directed by Sandesh Shandilya, is great. I specially like Na Sahi, and Abhi Abhi, and Ya Yarab, and ....... I guess I like 'em all, lol. I haven't watched the movie yet. Do you think I should?? Is it worth it? These days, I'm only watching preselected and recommended movies because I'm a little short in free time.

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  1. Yara Rab / Sonu Nigam, Sanjeevani
  2. Abhi Abhi - 1 / Sonu Nigam, Kunal Ganjawala
  3. Socha Na Tha / Sudesh Shandilya
  4. Na Sahi / Sudesh Shandilya
  5. Seedhay Sadhe Dhang Se / K.K.
  6. Mera Tumhara / Sandesh Shandilya
  7. Abhi Abhi - 2 / Sonu Nigam, KUnal Ganjawala

Hindi Song | Swades (2004)


Swades is the award winning movie starring Shahrukh Khan and Gayatri Joshi (debut). The movie is very inspirational, and encourages those Indians who live abroad and have fulfilling lives to remember their home country and its people, and to help them. Swades promotes patriotism and love for your own people, which is very good. Music is by A.R. Rehman, though he didn't win the Best Music Director's award at the FilmFare Awards, only nominated. This album is uploaded due to suggestion of a reader nicknamed vysu. This is for you dude!! Enjoy!!

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  1. Yeh Tara Woh Tara / Udit Narayan, Baby Pooja, Master Vignesh
  2. Saanwariya Saanwariya / Alka Yagnik
  3. Yun Hi Chala Chal / Hariharan, Udit Narayan, Kailash Kher
  4. Aashista Aahista / Sadhana Sargam, Udit Narayan
  5. Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera / A. R. Rehman
  6. Pal Pal Hai Bhaari / Madhushree, Vijay Prakash, Ashutosh Gowariker
  7. Dekho Na / Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan
  8. Pal Pal Hai Bhaari (Flute)
  9. Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera (Shehnai)

Hindi Song | Veer Zaara (2004)


Veer Zaara was released in 2004. It stars Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Rani Mukerjee, Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Mailini and Manoj Bajpai. The plot line of the movie is:

"The story of the love between Veer Pratap Singh, an Indian, and Zaara Hayaat Khan, a Pakistani...a love so great it knows no boundaries." - IMDB
This film has won 13 fo 26 awards it was nominated for. Music of this Hindi film is by Sanjeev Kohli. It has some great songs. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I have.

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  1. Tere Liye / Lata Mangeshkar, Roop Kumar Rathod
  2. Main Yahaan Hoon / Udit Narayan
  3. Aisa Des Hai Mera / Gurdaas Maan, Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan, Pritha Majumdar
  4. Yeh Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan / Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan
  5. Do pal / Lata Mangeshkar, Sonu Nigam
  6. Kyon Hawa / Lata Mangeshkar, Sonu Nigam
  7. Hum To Bhai Jaise Hain / Lata Mangeshkar
  8. Aaye Tere Dar Par / Ahmad Hussain, Mohammad Hussain
  9. Lodi / Jagjit Singh, Lata Mangeshkar
  10. Tum Paas Aa Rahe Ho / Jagjit Singh, Lata Mangeshkar
  11. Jaane Kyon / Lata Mangeshkar

Hindi Song | Chalte Chalte (2003)


Chalte Chalte These are the songs I have chosen to start with. This movie stars Shah Rukh Khan and Rani, and it's quite a nice movie, even though SRK isn't at his best in this movie. Below are the songs you can download and enjoy. Btw, music director of Chalte Chalte is Jatin Lalit.

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  1. Chalte Chalte / Abhijeet, Alka Yagnik
  2. Tauba Tumhare Ye Ishare / Abhijeet, Alka Yagnik
  3. Layi Ve Na Gayee / Sukhwinder Singh
  4. Ghum Shuda / Sonu Nigam
  5. Chalte Chalte (Instrumental)
  6. Dagariya Chalo / Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan
  7. Tujhpar Gagan Se / Sukhwinder Singh, PINKI, Preeti
  8. Suno Na Suno Na Sunlo Na / Abhijeet

Hindi Song | Songs List


This is the list of all the Hindi songs/albums available for download. Use this list to easily find what you are looking for. And don't forget to share the URL/address with others

Badmash Company (6 Songs Mp3)
Chance Pe Dance (9 Songs Mp3)
Dulha Mil Gaya (9 Songs Mp3)
Hide and Seek (8 Songs Mp3)
Housefull (8 Songs Mp3)
Hum Tum Aur Ghost (7 Songs Mp3)
I Hate LUV Storys (8 Songs Mp3)
Ishkiya (7 Songs Mp3)
Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai (6 Songs Mp3)
Karthik Calling Karthik (9 Songs Mp3)
Kajraare (11 Songs Mp3)
Krantiveer (4 Songs Mp3)
Kites (9 Songs Mp3)
Kushti (5 Songs Mp3)
Lahore (7 Songs Mp3)
Lamhaa (6 Songs Mp3)
Love Guru (4 Songs Mp3)
Love Sex Aur Dhokha (8 Songs Mp3)
Milenge Milenge (10 Songs Mp3)
My Name Is Khan (6 Songs Mp3)
Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke (7 Songs Mp3)
Paathshaala (10 Songs Mp3)
Prince (16 Songs Mp3)
Pyaar Impossible (6 Songs Mp3)
Raajneeti (8 Songs Mp3)
Raavan (6 Songs Mp3)
Raftaar (6 Songs Mp3)
Road, Movie (8 Songs Mp3)
Runn (7 Songs Mp3)
Sadiyaan (8 Songs Mp3)
Striker (8 Songs Mp3)
Teen Patti (9 Songs Mp3)
To Baat Pakki (10 Songs Mp3)
Tum Milo Toh Sahi (6 Songs Mp3)
Veer (8 Songs Mp3)
Well Done Abba (5 Songs Mp3)


3 Idiots (7 Songs Mp3)
8X10 Tasveer (10 Songs Mp3)
99 (9 Songs Mp3)
Aa Dekhen Zara (8 Songs Mp3)
Aagey Se Right (7 Songs Mp3)
Aao Wish Karein (7 Songs Mp3)
Acid Factory (5 Songs Mp3)
Agyaat (6 Songs Mp3)
Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (14 Songs Mp3)
Aladin (8 Songs Mp3)
All The Best (7 Songs Mp3)
Aloo Chaat (8 Songs Mp3)
Billu Barber (15 Songs MP3)
Blue (7 Songs Mp3)
Chandni Chowk To China (8 Songs MP3)
Daddy Cool (6 Songs Mp3)
De Dana Dan (12 Songs Mp3)
Dilli-6 (10 Songs MP3)
Do Knot Disturb (6 Songs Mp3)
Firaaq (5 Songs Mp3)
Jai Veeru (10 Songs MP3)
Jail (8 Songs Mp3)
Kal KissneDekha (10 Songs MP3)
Kambakkht Ishq (11 Songs Mp3)
Kurbaan (6 Songs Mp3)
London Dreams (10 Songs Mp3)
Love Aaj Kal (10 Songs Mp3)
Love Ka Tadka (3 Songs Mp3)
Main Aurr Mrs Khanna (8 Songs Mp3)
Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye (7 Songs - RM)
Paa (8 Songs Mp3)
Oye Lucky Lucky Oye (7 Songs - RM)
Raaz - The Mystery Continues (8 Songs MP3)
Radio (10 Songs Mp3)
Rocket Singh - Salesman Of The Year (3 Songs Mp3)
Slumdog Millionaire (10 Songs MP3)
The Stoneman Murder (5 Songs MP3)
Tum Mile (9 Songs Mp3)
Victory (7 Songs - RM)
Vaada Raha.. I Promise (7 Songs Mp3)
Wake Up Sid (6 Songs Mp3)
What's Your Raashee (11 Songs Mp3)

Aamir (6 Songs - RM)
Ada - A Way of Life (10 Songs - RM)
Anamika (7 Songs RM)
Bachna Ae Haseeno (7 Songs - RM)
Bhoothnath (7 songs - RM)
Bhram (6 songs - RM)
Black and White (10 Songs RM)
Dasvidaniya (5 Songs RM)
De Taali (8 Songs RM)
Dostana (6 Songs MP3)
Drona (7 Songs RM)
Emi (8 Songs MP3)
Fashion (10 Songs MP3)
Ghajini (6 Songs MP3)
God Tussi Great Ho (8 Songs RM)
Golmaal Returns (9 Songs MP3)
Good Luck (8 Songs RM)
Horn Ok Please (8 Songs RM)
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (8 Songs - RM)
Jannat (8 songs - RM)
Jodhaa Akbar (7 songs - RM)
Jumbo (6 Songs - RM)
Khushboo (10 Songs - RM)
Kidnap (6 Songs RM)
Kismat Konnection (11 Songs - RM)
Krazzy 4 (9 songs - RM)
Lovesongs - Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow (8 songs - RM)
Love Story 2050 (9 Songs - RM)
Mission Istanbul (9 Songs RM)
My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves (8 songs - RM)
One Fine Monday (7 songs - RM)
One Two Three (9 songs - RM)
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (6 Songs MP3)
Race (16 songs, 2 CDs - RM)
Rock On (9 Songs RM)
Sarkar Raj (12 Songs - RM)
Shaurya (6 songs - RM)
Sorry Bhai! (9 Songs - MP3)
Singh Is Kinng (12 Songs - RM)
Sirf - Life looks greener on the other side (8 songs - RM)
Superstar (10 songs - RM)
Tashan (9 songs - RM)
Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (7 Songs - RM)
Thodi Life Thoda Magic (8 Songs - RM)
U, Me Aur Hum (6 songs - RM)
Ugly aur Pagli (9 Songs - RM)
Yuvvraaj (9 Songs MP3)
Zindagi Tere Naam (8 Songs RM)

1971 (9 songs - RM)
Aaja Nachle (9 songs - RM)
Aap Ka Surroor (20 Songs RM)
Aggar (7 songs - RM)
Apne (9 songs - RM)
Awarapan (8 songs - RM)
Bhool Bhulaiyaa (11 songs -RM
Big Brother (7 songs - RM)
Cash (7 songs - RM)
Chak De India (7 songs - RM)
Cheeni Kum - A Sugar Free Romance (7 songs - RM)
Darling (11 songs - RM)
Delhi Heights (6 songs - RM)
Dhamaal (7 songs - RM)
Dhokha (7 songs - RM)
Dhol (8 songs - RM)
Dus Kahaniyaan (27 songs - RM) (Club - Lounge - Gulzaar Poems)
Ek Chalis ki Last Local (8 songs - RM)
Eklavya (8 songs - RM)
Go (8 Songs RM)
Goal (6 songs - RM)
Halla Bol (6 songs - RM)
Hattrick (11 songs - RM)
Heyy Babyy (9 songs - RM)
Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (7 songs - RM)
Jab We Met (10 songs - RM)
Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (7 songs - RM)
Johnny Gaddar (15 songs - RM)
Just Married (9 songs - RM)
Khoya Khoya Chand (7 songs - RM)
Kya Love Story Hai (8 songs - RM)
Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (6 songs - RM)
Life In A ... Meto (12 songs - RM)
Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi (6 songs - RM)
Marigold (8 songs - RM)
Mr. Hot Mr. Kool (8 songs - RM)
Mumbai Salsa (9 songs - RM)
Namastey London (17 songs - RM)
Naqaab (8 Songs - RM)
Nehle Pe Dehla (11 songs - RM)
Nishabd (12 songs - RM)
No Smoking (6 songs - RM)
Om Shanti Om (12 songs - RM)
Partner (7 songs - RM)
RGV Ki Aag (9 songs- RM)
Raqeeb (8 songs - RM)
Red (9 songs - RM)
Risk (6 songs - RM)
Saawariya (11 songs - RM)
Sarhad Paar - A New Dawn (8 songs - RM)
Say Salaam India (9 songs - RM)
Shakalaka Boom Boom (14 songs - RM)
Shootout At Lokhandwala (9 songs - RM)
Showbiz (7 songs - RM)
Sunday (9 songs - RM)
Taare Zameen Par (8 songs - RM)
Ta Ra Rum pum (6 songs - RM)
The Train (11 songs - RM)
Traffic Signal ( 13 songs - RM)
Welcome (6 songs - RM)

36 China Town (9 songs - RM)
Aap Ki Khatir (14 songs - RM)
Ahista Ahista (15 songs - RM)
Ankahee (8 songs - RM)
Anthony Kaun Hai (12 songs - RM)
Anwar (9 songs - RM)
Apna Sapna Money Money (12 Songs - RM)
Aryan - The Unbreakable (9 songs - RM)
Baabul (11 songs - RM)
Bas Ek Pal (9 songs - RM)
Bhagam Bhag (12 songs - RM)
Chup Chup Ke (11 songs - RM)
Dhoom 2 (6 songs - RM)
Dil Diya Hai (12 songs - RM)
Don - The Chase Begins (8 songs - RM)
Dor (8 songs - RM)
Fanaa (7 songs - RM)
Gangster (8 songs - RM)
Golmaal - Fun Unlimited (10 songs - RM)
Guru (7 songs - RM)
Hota Hai Dil Pyaar Mein (7 songs - RM)
I See You (6 songs - RM)
Jaan-E-Mann (10 songs - RM)
Kaafila (5 songs - RM)
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (7 songs - RM)
Kachchi Sadak (6 songs - RM)
Khujli - Sab Ko Hai (6 songs - RM)
Krrish (7 songs - RM)
Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana (10 songs - RM)
Lage Raho Munna Bhai (8 songs - RM)
Naksha (10 songs - RM)
Omkara (8 songs - RM)
Phir Hera Pheri (12 songs - RM)
Pyaar Ke Side Effects (9 songs - RM)
Pyare Mohan (10 songs - RM)
Rocky - The Rebel (12 songs - RM)
Salaam-E-Ishq (7 songs - RM)
Shaadi Se Pehle (11 songs - RM)
Shiva (6 songs - RM)
Strings - Bound By Faith (6 songs - RM)
The Killer (8 songs - RM)
Tom Dick And Harry (12 songs - RM)
Umrao Jaan (10 songs - RM)
Utthaan (6 songs - RM)
Vivah (10 songs - RM)
With Luv ... Tumhara (8 songs - RM)
Woh Lamhe (8 songs - RM)
Zindaggi Rocks (10 songs - RM)

Bluffmaster (13 songs - RM)
Parineeta (7 songs - RM)
Rang De Basanti (10 songs - RM)
Salaam Namaste (7 songs - RM)

Lakshya (8 songs - RM)
Main Hoon Na (8 songs - RM)
Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (8 Songs - RM)
Murder (8 songs - RM)
Phir Milenge (8 songs - RM)
Shabd (9 songs - RM)
Socha Na Tha (7 songs - RM)
Swades (9 songs - RM)
Tumsa Nahi Dekha (6 songs - RM)
Veer Zaara (11 songs - RM)

Chalte Chalte (8 songs - RM)
Jhankaar Beats (8 songs - RM)
Kal Ho Naa Ho (7 songs - RM)
Tere Naam (8 songs - RM)

Devdas (10 songs - RM)
Saathiya (9 songs - RM)

Dil Chahta Hai (8 songs - RM)
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (11 Songs - RM)
Lagaan (8 songs - RM)
Tum Bin (12 songs - RM)

Mohabbatein (7 songs - RM)

Dil Se (6 songs - RM)

Dil to Paagal Hai (8 Songs RM)
Pardes (10 songs - RM)
Virasat (7 songs - RM)

Maachis (4 songs - RM)

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (7 songs - RM)
Sabse Bada Khiladi (2 songs - RM)

Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (14 songs - RM)

Saajan (7 songs - RM)

Roja (6 songs - Mp3)
Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar (8 Songs Mp3)

Chandni (10 songs - RM)

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (6 songs - RM)

Saagar (6 Songs RM)


Star (10 Songs - Mp3)

Masoom (5 songs - RM)

Silsila (8 songs - RM)


Caravan (7 songs - RM)

Chalte Chalte (6 Songs RM)

Mughal-E-Azam (8 songs - RM)

Madhumati (9 songs - RM)

Hindi Song | Jhankaar Beats (2003)


Jhankaar Beats stars Sujoy Ghosh and stars Sanjay Suri, Rahul Bose, Juhi Chawla, Rinki Khanna, Riya Sen, and Shyaman Munshi. The music directors are the famous duo Vishal Shekhar. Very distinct and different type of songs, like the film itself. Loved the movie, and love the songs (some of them). Enjoy the songs, and if you can, do watch the movie. You are gonna like it.

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  1. Theme Song
  2. Boss Kaun Tha
  3. Jo Gaya Vo Gaya
  4. Sahi Hai Re
  5. Tu Aashiqui Hai
  6. Theme Song
  7. Ruk Ruk Rukna Na
  8. Ruk Ruk Rukna Na

Hindi Song | Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003) [Requested]


Kal Ho Naa HoDirected by Nikkil Advani and starring Saif Ali Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta, Kal Ho Naa Ho is/was one of the best movies of 2003 (can't believe it's already been 3 years since it's release), and one of my favorite. I specially like Saif's performance in this movie; compare it with his performance in Dil Chahta Hai and you will see how much he has grown as an actor, and I'm sure as a person as well.

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  1. Kal Ho Naa Ho
  2. Maahi Ve
  3. It's Time To Disco
  4. Kuch To Hua Hai
  5. Kal Ho Naa Ho (Sad)
  6. Preety Woman
  7. beat (Instrumental)

Hindi Song | Tere Naam (2003)


Tere Naam Tere Naam is a film directed by Satish Kaushik and stars Salman Khan and Bhumika Chawla in the lead roles. As the tagline of the film says, it is based on a true love story which hell of a love story. It has a pretty depressing ending, unlike most other love stories. In this film, we get to see Salman Khan with both long hair (a wig :p) and bald.

Suprisingly, Himesh Reshammiya is the music director of Tere Naam. Lucky for us that he wasn't singing a lot (or at all) at the time or else it wouldn't be such a good album.

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  1. Odhni / Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik
  2. O Jaana / Udit Narayan, Kamaal Khan, K.K., Alka Yagnik
  3. Tune Saath Jo Mera Chhoda / Udit Narayan
  4. Tune Saath Jo Mera Chhoda (Sad) / Udit Narayan
  5. Man Basia / Alka Yagnik
  6. Kyon Kisi Ko / Udit Narayan
  7. Chaan / Udit Narayan
  8. Tera Naam / Udit Narayan

Hindi Song | Devdas (2002)


Devdas is a remake of a classic hindi movie, it is also a masterpiece on its own. Whenever there is a remake, there definitely will be comparisons of the two versions. In case of Devdas, some people think the older version is better. But I think otherwise. I think Shahrukh khan, as well as Madhuri and Aishwarya have given their best performances ever. The movie is great from every angle you look at it; the music, acting, direction and every other thing is great. That is something you can't deny. It is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and its music is by Ismail Darbar who has done an excellent job.

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  1. Silsila Ye Chahat Ka / Shreya Ghoshal
  2. Maar Dala / K.K., Kavita Krishnamurti
  3. Bairi Piya / Shreya Ghoshal, Udit Narayan
  4. Kahe Chede Mohe / Madhuri Dixit, Kavita Subramaniam
  5. Chalak Chalak / Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal, Vinod Rathod
  6. Hamesha Tumko Chaha / Kavita Krishnamurti, Udit Narayan
  7. Woh Chaan Jaisi Ladki / Udit Narayan
  8. More Piya / Jaspinder Narula, Shreya Ghoshal
  9. Devdas - The Theme
  10. Dola Re Dola / Shreya Ghoshal, K.K., Kavita Subramaniam

Hindi Song | Saathiya (2002)


AR Rahman has performed his magic again. His superb music is the only good thing in Saathiya (beside the cute Rani Mukherjee, of course). When I say good, I mean REALLY GOOD! But you probably already know that. The male lead of the film is played by Vivek Oberoi. Now download the songs below, and treat your ears to some goodies. Enjoy!

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  1. Saathiya / Sonu Nigam
  2. Chalka Chalka Re / Mahalaxmi, Richa Sharma
  3. Aye Udi Udi / Adnan Sami
  4. Chupke Se / Sadhana Sargam
  5. O Humdum Suniyo Re / K.K., Shaan
  6. Mera Yaar Mila De / A.R. Rehman
  7. Naina Milaike / Sadhana Sargam
  8. Mangalyam / K.K., Shaan
  9. Chori Pe Chori / Asha Bhonsle

Hindi Song | Dil Chahta Hai (2001)


I love everything about Dil Chahta Hai! The music, the cast, the story, script, and everything else in this movie (except a couple maybe). I have watched this movie more than 10 times since it was first released, and everytime I watch it, it feels like it's the first I'm watching it.

Dil Chahta Hai's casts include Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, and the pretty Preity Zinta. I think Aamir and Saif play the most interesting characters of the movie. They are funny, they are bold and most importantly their characters seem so real. I think this movie has something for everyone. You gotta watch this, if you havn't yet. It is directed by Farhan Akhtar, and the music is given by the one and only Shankar Ehsaan Loy (thanks to Anon for correcting me). The songs are great, but you would enjoy them much more if you were listening to them while watching the movie, or at least knowing in what context the songs are sung in the movie. Now get downloading:

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  1. Dil Chahta Hai / Shankar Mahadevan
  2. Jaane Kyon / Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan
  3. Woh Ladki Hai Kahan / Shaan, Kavita Krishnamurti
  4. Kaisi Hai Ye Rut / Srinivas
  5. Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe / Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, K.K.
  6. Akash Love Theme
  7. Tanhayee / Sonu Nigam
  8. Dil Chahta Hai - 2 / Shankar Mahadevan

Hindi Song | Lagaan (2001)


This is Aamir-season, so here is one more of him. Aamir Khan and Ashutosh Gowarikar's Lagaan started a whole new trend of film making in Bollywood that is focussed more on realism and art, than just plain mindless entertainment. This film has specially been a turning point for Aamir Khan, the result of which has been films like Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, and this year's latest and his directorial debut Taare Zameen Par. Lagaan also proved to be a significant point in the career of his co-star, Gracy Singh. She had only done minor roles in her two previous films, but Lagaan changed everything for her too. For being such an influent and great film with excellent performances and superb diection, Lagaan won 44 awards, including 8 at the Filmfare and a nomination for the Oscars.

The beautiful music of Lagaan is composed by the one and only A.R. Rehman with lyrics from Javed Akhtar. I'm seriously running out of praises for this movie. Every aspect of it is done extremely well. Enjoy the last couple of days of 2007 with these songs. I hope you all had a wonderful year, and wish you another wonderful one with full of happiness and surprises. God bless you all!

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  1. Mitwa / Sukhwinder Singh, Alka Yagnik, Srinivas, Udit Narayan
  2. Radha Kaise Na Jale / Asha Bhonsle, Udit Narayan, Vaishali
  3. Lagaan / Anuradha Shriram
  4. O Ri Chori [Video]/ Vasundhara Das, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan
  5. Chale Chalo / A. R. Rehman, Srinivas
  6. Waltz For A Romance (Instrumental)
  7. O Paalanhare / Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan
  8. Ghanan Ghanan / Sukhwinder Singh, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Shaan, Shankar Mahadevan, Kishori Gowriker

Hindi Song | Tum Bin (2001)


Tum Bin

Tum bin jiya jaaye kaise
Kaise jiya jaaye tum bin
Sadiyon Se Lambi Hain Raatein
Sadiyon Se Lambe Hue Din
Aa Jaao Lautkar Tum, Yeh Dil Keh Raha Hai...

Beautiful song! I love the soundtrack of Tum Bin, specially the title song. I don't really remember what was happening in my life back when I watched this film. What I do know is that everytime I listen to the songs, I get this amazing feeling. Just incredible!

Tum Bin stars Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sandali Sinha, Himanshu Malik and Rakesh Bapat. Priyanshu, Sandali and Rakesh, all started their filmi career with Tum Bin. The director of the film is Anubhav Sinha

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  1. Choti Choti Raatein
  2. Choti Choti Raatein - 2
  3. Daroo Vich Pyar
  4. Dekhte Hi Dekhte
  5. Koi Fariyaad
  6. Meri Duniya Mein (Male)
  7. Meri Duniya Mein (Female)
  8. Pyar Humko Hone Laga
  9. Suru Ru
  10. Tum Bin
  11. Tumhare Siva
  12. Zoom Boombura

Hindi Song | Mohabbatein (2000)


Mohabbatein was one of the biggest films of 2000 (and probably is still). I guess it's the first movie that starred Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan together. Other casts includes Aishwarya and whole bunch of then-newcomers; Shamita Shetty, Uday Chopra, Jugal Hansraj, Preeti Jhangiani, Jimmy Shergill and Kim Sharma. Mohabbatein is produced by Yash Chopra and directed by his son Aditya, who recently announced that Shahrukh Khan will not appear in any of their future movies. How sad. Music is by Jatin Lalit.

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  1. Humko Humi Se Churalo
  2. Chalte Chalte - 1
  3. Pairo Mein Bandhan
  4. Aankhein Khuli Ho Ya Ho Band
  5. Soni Soni
  6. Chalte Chalte - 1
  7. Zinda Rehti Hain
  8. Mohabbatein Love Theme (Instrumental)
  9. Rythums Of Mohabbatein (Instrumental)

Hindi Song | Dil Se (1998)


Dil Se is one movie we will all remember for different reasons. We may remember this film for its excellent music by A.R. Rehman that won him another Best Music Director's Award at the FilmFare Awards, for its beautifully choreographed songs by Farah Khan, for the amazing cinematography by Santosh Sivan, for Preity Zinta's first appearance, and lastly for its incredibilly bad results at the box office. Despite the bad box-office results, Dil Se won 5 FilmFare Awards. Manisha Koirala's performance in the movie is also to be praised. She has done a great job and was nominated for Best Actress' Award. Dile Se's famous song 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' recently appeared in the hollywood movie Inside Man directed by Spike Lee. Dil Se is one my favorite SRK films and I love every song of it.

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  1. Chaiyya Chaiyya [Video] / Sapna Awasthi, Sukhwinder Singh
  2. Dil Se / A.R. Rehman, Anupama, Anuradha sriram
  3. E Ajnabi / Mahalaxmi, Udit Narayan
  4. Jiya Jale / Lata Mangeshkar, M Sreekumar
  5. Satrangi Re / Sonu Nigam, Kavita Krishnamurti
  6. Thayya Thayya / Sukhwinder Singh

Hindi Song | Pardes (1997)


PardesPardes. It stars Shahrukh Khan, Mahima Chaudhary, Apoorva Agnihotri, Alok Nath and Amrish Puri and is directed by Subhash Ghai. This film is one of my favorite, mainly because of it's songs. Pardes is Mahima Chaudhary's debut film, whose real name is Ritu Chaudhary. Ghai made her change it to something starting with M as he thinks it is lucky for him. He had previously launched Madhuri Dixit and Manisha Koirala, and hence the 'M superstition'.

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  1. Diwana Dil / Hema Sardesai, Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan , Sonu Nigam
  2. Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain [Video]/ Kumar Sanu
  3. I Love India - Part 1 / Hariharan, Kavita Krishnamurti, Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan
  4. I Love India - Part 2 / Kavita Krishnamurti
  5. Meri Mehbooba / Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu
  6. Jahan Piya Wahan Main / Chitra, Shankar Mahadevan
  7. Meri Mehbooba (Remix) / Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik
  8. My First Day In USA / Hema Sardesai
  9. Ho Gaya Hai Mujhe Pyar / Sabri Brothers, Alka Yagnik
  10. Pardes Theme

Hindi Song | Virasat (1997)


VirasatVirasat is a film I have watched quite a while back and is one of my favorite movies. Starring Anil Kapoor, Tabu, Pooja Batra and Amrish Puri, it's directed by Priyadarsan. I don't think I will judge it any differently if I watch it again now, even though my view of Hindi movies has changed a lot since then. Great story, wonderful cast and even better music. I think you will love this film whether you are a fan of Anil or Tabu.

The wonderful music of Virasat is composed by Anu Malik. My personal favorite songs have to be Dhol Bajne Laga and Payalay Chunmun. I hope these songs bring back some good memories for you as they do for me. Enjoy :)

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  1. Dhol Bajne Laga / Kavita Krishnamurthy, Udit Narayan
  2. Ek Tha Raja / Hariharan
  3. Jayengi Pee Ke / Abhijeet, Anuradha Sriram
  4. Payalay Chunmun (Duet) / Kumar Sanu, Chitra
  5. Payalay Chunmun Chunmun (female) / Chitra
  6. Sun Mausa Sun / Vinod Rathod
  7. Tare Hain Barati / Jaspinder Narula, Kumar Sanu

Hindi Song | Maachis (1996)


MaachisMaachis is directed by Gulzar and stars Chandrachur Singh, Tabu and Jimmy Shergill (according to, tell me if it's wrong). Since I'd never heard of this movie, I haven't watched it either. Music is by Vishal Bharadwaj, and you be the judge for its quality.

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  1. Aey Hawaa / Lata Mangeshkar
  2. Behj Kahaar / Lata Mangeshkar
  3. Chappa Chappa / Hariharan, Suresh Wadekar
  4. Chhod Aaye Hum / Hariharan, K.K., Suresh Wadekar
  5. Pani Pani Re / Lata Mangeshkar
  6. Tum Gaye - 1 / Hariharan, Sanjeev Abhyankar
  7. Tum Gaye - 2 / Sanjeev Abhyankar,Lata Mangeshkar
  8. Maachis Theme

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