Friday, October 9, 2009

Hindi Songs | Vaada Raha... I Promise (2009)


There is a pleasant surprise in store though with the opening number turning out to be quite a serene outing. 'Kubul' is a quintessential love song with that 'vaadiyan' and 'bahaar' outing and one doesn't mind that at all. In fact as you listen to it a couple of times, it starts playing in your mind for a time much longer than the song's duration. A beautiful melody by Monty that stays Indian throughout its five minutes duration, it also boasts of some heartfelt rendition by Parthiv Gohil, Sharmista Chateerjee and Shell Hada. A good beginning that suddenly makes one get interested in the album.

One starts looking at the album with a different perspective the moment title song Vaada Raha hits its first notes. Composed by Toshi-Sharib who have composed some very good songs for Bhatts' Jashnn and Raaz - The Mystery Continues in the recent past, Vaada Raha is in fact one of their best. This Turaz written track stays on within the Bollywood parameters of a love song and still comes out trumps. Now if only this film would have been a fresh project, would have been adequately promoted and boasted of a true blue romantic jodi on screen, Vaada Raha, which is excellently sung by Toshi and boasts of some really good chorus in the background, would have gone a far distance. In fact this is one of those songs that one looks forward to hearing a countless number of times in the album and hence don't mind it all when it reappears in a 'remix version' and also a Sanjoy Chowdhury composed 'theme version'.

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  1. Aaj Aasmaan / Shaan, Shweta Pandit
  2. Achal Hain Mere Hausle / Shaan Shweta Pandit
  3. Flying High / Instrumental
  4. Kubul / Parthiv Gohil, Sharmishtha
  5. Lost In Love - Theme / Instrumental
  6. Rab Na Kare / Babbu Maan
  7. Rab Na Kare - Slow / Babbu Maan
  8. Vaada Raha / Toshi
  9. Vaada Raha - Remix / Toshi
  10. Vaada Raha - Theme / Instrumental

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